Eco Temp, water heater (6kW)
Eco Temp, water heater (6kW)

The 'T90e'

(previously Mould Temp)









This reliable, compact and cost effective unit has been specially designed to be capable of providing 6kW heating capacity.

Common industry applications:

Plastics Industry/Injection Moulding, Food production process, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

This mould heater unit comes with the following standard features:

  • Microprocessor Control
    Uses intelligent P.I.D. control of heating and cooling to maintain setpoint accuracy.

  • Unique, purpose-built reversible pump
    Stops leaks instantly. In the event of a leak developing, the pump can be switched to reverse. This creates a vacuum in the system and allows the run to be finished before the leak is rectified.

  • Corrosion free construction
    With major components manufactured from stainless steel, brass or phosphor bronze.

  • Safety features
    Include automatic level control, motor protection overload, digital regulator preset at maximum working temperature and additional adjustable thermostat.

  • EC directives complied with:
    Low Voltage

Fitted equipment:

P.I.D. twin digital readout controller
Low level switch
Auto fill solenoid valve
Cooling solenoid valve
Safety stat

3 metre complete with 16amp phase changeover plug
(for leakstopper mode)