Plate Heat Exchangers - All Stainless Frames

Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) have been used since the 1960's by the commercial food and beverage industries for a range of heating, pasteurizing and cooling duties associated with food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean room processing. The reasons for using PHE's as opposed to the alternative Shell and Tube are hygiene, efficiency, ease of cleaning, space and economy savings. In recent years the increasing demands of non-food processing industries such as chemical processing and in certain metal refining industries has seen the adoption of full stainless frames.

Renox’s plate heat exchangers consist of a series of corrugated plates with a peripheral gasket that are held within a steel frame. All liquid contact surfaces are manufactured in stainless steel that eliminates corrosion due to the immediate environment.

Standard Size Range

Solid SUS304 25 to 80mm
Clad Frames 100 to 300mm

Standard Plate Selection

AISI 316L in 0.6mm thickness is the
minimum standard quality for
robust performance. Titanium,
Hastalloy and many other pressable
steel grades are also available on

Heat Recovery:

The design of the system calls for a close approach temperature to maximize the use of low cost energy. PHE's are the only heat exchangers that can meet these high requirements.

Heating and Cooling Duties:

The PHE has a low hold up volume, which enables it to be used in situations where temperature control is an exacting requirement.

Typical Applications

Pasteurizing of Milk, Cream, Beer Fruit Juice and Drinks Wine and other Alcoholic Beverages Carbonated Soft Drinks Chemical Processing Pharmaceutical and other clean room processing. Zinc, Lead, uranium, copper production and many more.

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