Renox Company Application:

Our goal is to add value to our customers. The more we know about the industry, as well as specific applications and performance requirements, the more value we can add. From feasibility studies and conceptual development to custom design and equipment installation, Renox Company has the expertise and skills to meet your toughest manufacturing challenges.

Renox Company is experienced in the food, dairy, beverage, consumer products and pharmaceutical / biotechnology industries. Our custom designs take your unique process challenges into account, right from the start, and turnkey capability means you'll get the right solution quickly and easily. In either case, we encourage you to utilize Renox early in the design concept stage. The more we know about your specific application, including targeted cost parameters, the better we can tailor a specific solution to your exact requirements.

Finally, service before and after the sale will leave you with a true partner, every step of the way. To learn more about how Renox Company can help your organization, please visit our Contact Us page to speak with our experience Sales Engineer.

The complete production process starts with rubber compounding and ends with finished products tailored to the customer's needs. This in brief is Manifattura Tubi Gomma SpA, a company certified UNI EN ISO 9001 since 1995.

The MTG brand has been present for decades in the industrial plants of various countries of the world, with over 10,000 variations of mandrel-built hoses. We provide "targeted" technical solutions to overcome the most complex process problems in the cosmetic-pharmaceutical, chemical-oil, food, ecological and transport industries.

Premium quality milk and
dairy hose for suction and deliveryof oily and fatty

These types of Pharma
Hoses are designed using
high quality raw material to
ensure effectiveness and
durability. Offered at
industry leading rates, our
range of tools can be
custom designed as per the
client’s given specifications.

Delivery hose for handling a variety of
chemical products having a medium or low
concentration. Meets the standards EN

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In 35 years, IPL have moulded a totally new application and concept of plastic materials manufacturing, made of soul and mind, technology and passion. IPL dreams of yesterday led us to a reality with ambitious objectives, ready to face global market’s challenges.

Ideal solution to transfer
cosmetic, health care, food and pharmaceutical products. For premium wines, fruit juices, vinegar, spirits with max. 50% alcohol content, creams, soaps, aromas, pigments. Not for fatty foods.

Suction and transport hose in the Food and  Pharmaceutical Industry. For street cleaning vehicles, in the chemical
industry, and for all applications where a special microbes resistance is

For severe services in the
pharmaceutical, food and chemical sectors. Also suitable to deliver viscous fluids such as painting and adhesives. Available in sizes
ranging from ID 6mm to ID

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Plate Heat Exchangers for Hygienic Use

Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) have been used by the commercial food and beverage industries for a range of heating, pasteurizing and cooling duties associated with food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean room processing. The reasons for using PHE's as opposed to the alternative Shell and Tube are hygiene, efficiency, ease of cleaning, space and economy savings.

Typical Applications

Pasteurizing of Milk, Cream, Beer Fruit Juice and Drinks Wine and other Alcoholic Beverages Carbonated Soft Drinks Chemical Processing Pharmaceutical and other clean room processing. Zinc, Lead, uranium, copper production and many more.

To learn more about how Renox’s Plate Heat Exchangers can help your organization, please visit our Contact Us page to speak with our experience Sales Engineer.

HPS and Renox Company have over 18 years experience in various industries, undertaking many automation projects but focusing on Product Recovery Systems (Pigging). HPS operate on a global basis and undertake many bespoke projects. The systems that HPS provide are tailored for the customers needs, the solution often provided is not an off the shelf item and we have found this enables us to provide the most efficient and effective systems.

Typical Product Applications:

Paints / Coatings
Fine Chemicals
Food & Beverages
Personal Care
Home Care

To find out more about HPS, contact us via the information on the “Renox Info_and Contact Us page” to speak with our experience Sales Engineer.