Technical Service Centres

Renox company recognizes the need to provide customers with technical support at the local level. Since the 2004's, Renox's Technical Service Centres have existed to support customers with product application testing and analysis, performance testing, and custom sample production.

Process design and manufacturing  company specializing in development, production, installation and commissioning of pipeline product recovery solutions (‘pigging systems’) for liquid transfer pipes.

Services Provided:

Pigging System Design


Control Panels

PLC / HMI Programming

Electrical / Mechanical Installation

Commissioning & Training

Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning – Renox company service created the cleansing processes that are represented by others, experience first-hand the difference.
Full Service Re-Gasketing - At Renox company, the gasket itself is applied only by trained technicians that have experience with all models of plate heat exchangers.

Service for any brand

Having Renox Company service your heat exchangers is more than just practical, it makes good business sense. Renox’s local specialists know your industry and its needs, but are also part of a Asian network of service and support. Drawing on our many years of thermal transfer experience, Renox service specialists are experts on heat exchangers, chemicals and cleaning methods. As a result, they can service not only our own heat exchangers, but also plate heat exchangers from other manufacturers.

Expertise in every detail

At Renox’s service centres, we handle all aspects of heat exchanger maintenance. By restoring heat transfer and pressure drop, we ensure quality, productivity and energy efficiency. And by finding and stopping leakage, we reduce production losses and protect your equipment and the environment.

We work with specialized tools and chemicals, as well as brand-quality spares and the best glues and mounting procedures. Many of our services are available in standardized packages, so that you can choose the level that meets your needs.

Through Renox’s unique service, we can restore any plate heat exchanger to optimal working condition. This gives you a single, reliable speaking partner, regardless of the models or brands that you use. Our qualified specialists, decades of experience make Renox the simple path to top-notch performance.